Our History
Created in 2007, through sponsorship by the Govt. of Abu Dhabi, International Quality Consultancy Establishment (abbreviated as "ADIQC") is one of the best in class for the kind of its services that include OSHAD Auditing, OSHAD Consultancy, Consultancy in the Health Care sector for development & implementation of Management Systems, ISO Certification, and internationally recognized training courses related to QHSE to help clients meet the ever growing challenges of quality, health, safety and environment.
As a trusted partner, ADIQC offers innovative turnkey solutions that go beyond simple compliance with regulations & standards, thereby reducing HSE risks, improving performance and promoting sustainable development in order to be the industry leader in the market.

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Why ADIQC: Our Strengths
  • A local company created since 2007, sponsored by Abu Dhabi Government through "Sheikh Khalifa Fund" with proven reputation in the market through our happy and highly satisfied high profile clients across all the business sectors
  • Entrepreneurial and client-driven culture
  • Highly competent professionals: robust technical and managerial expertise; comprehensive portfolio of International Memberships/Certifications; thorough in-depth knowledge of Regulations and Standards and extensive market knowledge
  • Unique best in class problem solving approach that will best suit and serve your needs and expectation for a specific challenge that you are facing
  • Moreover, our Professionals are ‘Quality’ conscious and aim at total customer satisfaction – they strive towards making it the best in relation to completeness, accuracy and timeliness through following the int’l best practices
Our Vision
To be the leader in the market for the kind of our services.


Our Mission
To deliver top notch services aimed at total customer satisfaction at competitive prices.


Our Principles: We Work In Line With the International Best Practices

  • Confidentiality - We keep our clients' all the key information strictly confidential through robust and stringent management systems controls in place
  • Openness - we always consider alternate opinions
  • Responsibility - as being a local company sponsored by the Government; we act in a hihgly responsible manner
  • Competence - we select the team from a pool of professionals whose profile best macth for a particular "challenge" faced by our client
  • Completeness - we make sure that the job done is 100% in all respects
  • Impartiality - we make sure at all stages of a project that there is no conflict of interests
  • Responsiveness to Complaints - we act responsibly and timely to any complaint, if there is any

Our Values

  • Integrity and ethics - We act with good faith; honesty and fairness, we do what we say, we state clearly our contracts and deliver them accordingly, we follow company policies and procedures, we respect confidentiality of business and personal information, we respect professional standards
  • Dedication - We're dedicated to achieve our mission and programs
  • Respect - We treat others as they should be treated, consider the impact of our personal actions on others, recognize individual contributions, receive accurate feedback on our performance, respect differences and do not discriminate against others in relation to race; ethnicity; origin; age; sex or religious & political beliefs
  • Creativity - Innovation in our approach and methodology
  • Partnership - Promote TEAM approach (Together Each Achieves More)
  • Customer focus - We work towards total customer satisfaction, thereby striveing to meeting and exceeding their needs and expectations both stated & unimplied

Our Quality Policy

The top management at ADIQC is committed to delivering highest quality services aimed at total customer satisfaction by

  • Listening to our customers’ voice so that we can understand, meet and exceed their needs and expectations in terms of courtesy of staff, timelinessaccuracy and completeness through our dedicated personnel who have the knowledge, skills and attitude in their respective fields
  • Striving to be perceived by our customers as one of the best in class
  • Continually improving our services, procedures and processes
  • Making facts based decisions
  • Working towards making our business the best in its kind so that all the stake holders, especially employees take pride in being part of it through communicating with them effectively; soliciting their ideas; opinions; suggestions; feedback and responding appropriately; quickly and effectively
  • In the event that one of our customers has a complaint with our services or our actions, reacting immediately and resolving it in the best possible manner
  • Doing what we have agreed to, keeping our customers informed of progress all the times, wherever possible
  • Complying with all the applicable requirements including legal requirements
  • Setting quality objectives for performance improvement and business excellence on continual basis

Chief Executive Officer, ADIQC

  • "A Step towards us . . ."
  • "Fly Towards Quality . . ."




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