Why select 'ADIQC'

There are reasons why you must select us

Since the inception, we have established out reputation and image in the market through our happy and highly satisfied high profile organizations across all the business sectors for most of the services related to QHSE

We have vision, mission, values, principles, policies, system that focus on delivering the top notch services to our prestigious clients

Our Professionals are highly competent having

  • robust technical and managerial expertise
  • comprehensive portfolio of International Memberships/Certifications
  • thorough in-depth knowledge of Regulations and Standards
  • extensive market knowledge
  • right skills and courteous attitude

We work in line with the international best practices and have unique problem solving methodoloy that will best suit and serve your needs and expectation for a specific challenge that you are facing

Our Professionals are ‘QUALITY’ conscious and aim at total customer satisfaction – they strive towards making it the best in relation to completeness, accuracy and timeliness through following the int’l best practices

At ADIQC, we offer most of the services that relate to QHSE

How your organization will benefit from our services

Through effectively developed OHS - MS in total compliance with OSHAD SF, your COMPANY will achieve the benefits that include but not limited to the following

There by resulting in

  • a more competent, happier and healthier workforce,
  • improved OH&S performance helps reduce both direct as well as indirect cost associated with incident and accident; where as one of the research studies reveals that direct cost is only tip of the iceberg i.e. 1$:36$
  • an improvement in the relations and morale of the employees through visible commitment by Top Management towards OH&S.

Through improved awareness of regulatory requirements, this helps reduce the chances of committing any OH&S offence. The OSHAD will generally regulate your business with a lighter touch if it is well managed.

Those entities that have been notified by their concerned SRA; will have one of the contractual requirements as having OSHAD registration in relation to the OH&S management systems developed in full compliance with OSHAD latest SF and duly approved by the competent sector regulatory authority for future business as it’s a mandatory requirement now

By pre-empting injuries, and taking the appropriate control measures, it is possible to save money on medical expenses, the injured employee's wages, insurance claims, replacement labour and increased workers' compensation insurance premiums

Having Management Systems in place will benefit your business through having a systmatic approach to risk management to identify the hazards, assess and evaluate the associated risks, determine controls to mitigate the level of risk to a level that is as low as reasonably practicable and monitor the performance thereof

Through consistency in operations by adopting best business practices and maintaining these continually thereof

Through reduction in all kinds of wastes through identifying and implementing best practices: reduction in wastes → reduction in operational costs → reduction in prices by maintaining the same profit margin → more sales → more revenue and hence more profit. A win win situations all the stakeholders!

Through use of one of the best available tools/methodologies for risk management for the equipment; operations/processes, the hazards identification and risk assessment can be accomplished compeletely and accurately that results in enhance reliability

having polices, procedures and other documents e.g. communication matrix, in place will improve the communication both internal and external

  • through documented information; ability to track progress that can result in opportunities for performance improvement
  • based on the analysis of past perfomance, the objectives and goals are set to improve continualy in the areas of the concern

Through the management systems in place, you will achieve the following benefits regarding development of technical skills of the staff:

  • a systematic approach to the management of identifying, implementing and monitoring OH&S Trainings,
  • ensure all employees, contractors and visitors receive appropriate OH&S training,
  • systematic approach to identifying, assessing and monitoring the minimum competencies that are required to perform the tasks in a safe manner by the employees and contractors

Many companies have preferential purchasing policies that favour purchasing products or services from companies with an OHSMS developed, implemented and maintained in line with the applicable statutory and regulatory obligations

Through monitoring and measurements systems, the OH&S performance can be verified as well as measured; analysed and improved

An improved image of the business in the eyes of all the stakeholders. For example

  • reduced insurance premiums - through demonstrating that  you are controlling risks effectively,
  • banks and investors will be more willing to finance your business if you can show that it is well managed,
  • business partners have more confidence in your business,
  • larger companies and government agencies may only buy from businesses that can show effective management systems.

The Process - How shall  we do it for your prestigious organization?


Field visit for gap analysis and preparation & submission of the report on gap analysis along with Action Plan to the client’s Top Management. Important! The client management will distribute the initial assessment schedule within the facility and will keep all the relevant personnel available at the time of assessment and extend full cooperation with our Consultant/s.


Development of documentation in collaboration with the client. Important! The documentation including records shall be reviewed and updated as necessary in order to comply with all the requirements outlined in the OSHAD System Framework and/or International Standards.


An awareness training on the SF/Standards and developed OH&S - MS Important! The management will make all the necessary arrangements for the training, including venue; ADIQC consultants will provide one hard copy of the presentation and practice/exercise and other learning material as relevant.


Submission of documented OHS-MS in OSHAD' online System, namely "QUDORAT" for the review of it by the Professionals in concerned SRA.


Support to close out all the Non Conformances consequent upon the Independent Review by the Sector Regulatory Authority' Professionals.

Deliverables from 'ADIQC' 


Manuals, Policies, Procedures, Work instructions, Job descriptions, Forms, Flow charts, Check lists etc.


Training on the OSHAD SF and the newly developed OHS-MS


Completion of Form "C" and online submission in "QUDORAT"


Support for close out of Non Conformances that result from the Independent Review by the SRA' OHS Professionals

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