Our Services

Coding services

Quality Check on Claim Review before submission to DAMAN

Development of clinical coding process review and PPG’s

Tasneef JAWDA audit report review and assist in the development of an 'action plan'

Assist healthcare organization to meet the requirement of 'Pay for Jawda' and 'Pay for Quality' as per HAAD requirement

Training on ICD - 10 coding

Target Clients

All Healthcare Facilities

How Your Organization Will Benefit From Our Services

Worry less for the non-conformity issues when Regulatory body performs inspection to your facility and this is through our intensive awareness of regulatory requirements

Having management systems in place will benefit your business through having a systematic approach to risk mgt to identify the hazards, assess and evaluate the associated risks, determine controls to mitigate the level of risk to a level that is as low as reasonably practicable and monitor the performance thereof

Through consistency in operations by adopting best business practices and maintaining these continually thereof

Through education and training to staff and maintaining their competencies

communication matrix in place will improve the communication both internally and externally

  • through documented information; ability to track progress that can result in opportunities for performance improvement
  • Based on the analysis of past performance, the objectives and goals are set to improve continually in the areas of the concern
  • through the management systems in place, you will achieve the following benefits regarding the development of technical skills of the staff:
  • a systematic approach to the management of identifying, implementing and monitoring Training,
  • ensure all employees, contractors and visitors receive appropriate training,
  • a systematic approach to identifying, assessing and monitoring the minimum competencies that are required to perform the tasks in a safe manner by the employees and contractors

Through monitoring and measurements systems including KPI's

An improved image of the business in the eyes of all the stakeholders