Our Services

Provision of 'Consultancy' for the development of Quality Management Systems against HAAD JAWDA requirements

Support for performance monitoring & measurement through Key Performance Indicators for reporting and continual improvement purposes

Target Clients

All Healthcare Centers

The Benefits 

Through improved awareness of regulatory requirements, you will not face problems when Regulatory body will perform inspection to your facility

Having management systems in place will benefit your business through having a systematic approach to risk management to identify the hazards, assess and evaluate the associated risks, determine controls to mitigate the level of a risk to a level that is as low as reasonably practicable [ALARP] and monitor the performance thereof

Through consistency in operations by adopting business best practices and maintaining these continually thereof

Through reduction in all kinds of wastes through identifying and implementing best practices

Through the use of one of the best available tools, methodologies for risk management for the equipment and operational processes, the hazards identification and risk assessment can be accomplished in a complete and accurate manner, thereb resulting in enhanced reliability

Through an effectively documented 'Communication Matrix' will improve the communication both internally and externally

  • hrough documented information; ability to track progress can result in opportunities for performance improvement
  • Based on the analysis of past performance, the objectives and goals are thenset to improve continually in the areas of the concern

Through the management systems in place, you will achieve the following benefits regarding the development of technical skills of the staff

  • a systematic approach to the management of identifying, implementing and monitoring OH&S Trainings,
  • ensure all employees, contractors and visitors receive appropriate training,
  • systematic approach to identifying, assessing and monitoring the minimum competencies that are required to perform the tasks in a safe manner by the employees and contractors

Many companies have preferential purchasing policies that favor purchasing products or services from companies with a certified Quality Management Systemsin line with the applicable statutory and regulatory obligations

Through monitoring and measurements systems, the organizational performance can be verified as well as measured, analyzed and improved

An improved image of the business in the eyes of all the stakeholders. For example

  • reduced insurance premiums - through demonstrating that  you are controlling risks effectively,
  • banks and investors will be more willing to finance your business if you can show that it is well managed,
  • business partners have more confidence in your business,
  • larger companies and government agencies may only buy from businesses that can show effective management systems etc.